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Special Beauty Illuminante Oro 24K: Crema Detergente, Tonico Mineralizzante, Maschera Oro 24K, Cindy

Special Beauty Rigenerante: Crema Detergente, Tonico Mineralizzante, Maschera MPC-Glicani, Cindy

Special Beauty Botox Antietà: Crema Detergente, Tonico Mineralizzante, Maschera Botox-like, Cindy

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Thanks to its extremely soft bristles in anti-bacterial silicone material and thanks to different vibration intensity, Cindy grants a deeper and more effective cleansing than washing by hand. Removes make up residues, excess sebum and dead skin cells, for a softer, smoothed, shiny and healthy skin. Cindy cleanses so deeply that permits a better absorption of skin care treatments, gives firmness and diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.


It keeps your skin fresh by deeply regenerating and purifying it. A multi-active cosmetic made up of a concentrate of amino-peptides enriched with extremely gentle alpha hydroxy acids which restore the balance of skin cell turnover. Limnanthes Alba oil leaves the skin soft and supple and promotes an intense dermoplastic and anti-inflammatory effect.


Enriched with precious ingredients, it prevents skin aging. It contains GSP-T3, a precious active ingredient complex which has the advantage of combining the activity of hydrosoluble antioxidants (procyanidins rich in polyphenols with extensive blood vessel protective properties) with liposoluble antioxidants (Vitamin E). It restores the skin’s natural pH balance and leaves skin soft, silky and radiant. Its decongesting and soothing properties are suitable for all skin types.


An extraordinary anti-age gel mask which brightens the complexion, has antioxidant properties and an exceptional lifting effect. Its precious active ingredients stimulate cell renewal and fight stress and free radicals, for an instantly radiant and firm complexion.


A real source of beauty for an exclusive rejuvenation of the face, neck and décolleté. The innovative phytobiotechnology used makes it an irreplaceable ally to combat and restore transepidermal water loss in mature, dry skins overexposed to the sun (photooxidative stress). Powerful glycans, bioactive polypeptides, vitamins and anti-oxidants stimulate the production of collagen fibres restoring the hydrolipidic balance for deep restructuring of the extracellular matrix. An intense hypernourishing, super moisturizing, elasticizing, dermoplastic and filling effect… for instant beauty.


Botox-3, un mix di tre antirughe biotecnologici, modula le dermo-contrazioni muscolari dovute alla mimica facciale, rilascia le microtensioni attenuando i segni del volto. Distende le rughe, ne diminuisce la profondità, prevenendone la formazione di nuove . Acido Ialuronico bio-tech riattiva i meccanismi di comunicazione cellulare ristrutturando e rinforzando la matrice extra cellulare. L’obiettivo è ambizioso: sostenere, rassodare e rimodellare i contorni del volto.

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