Mandelic Acid 7%


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New generation peeling formulated with magnetized water which boosts the efficiency of each active ingredient (patent filed).

30ml PAO 6M 98,5% NATURAL

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This highly dermocompatible exfoliant evens out skin tone, controls sebum and improves texture, dilated pores, discolourations, marks, blemishes and skin ageing. It stimulates the production of neocollagen and elastin, for a flawless complexion. Can also be used in summer.

Active Principles

Mandelic acid 7%.
Extracted from bitter almonds, it has an extraordinary intense corrective action, with no side effects or contraindications. Thanks to its ability to soften the stratum corneum, it prepares the skin for anti- wrinkle and anti-dark spot treatments.
- Soft peeling for instantly velvety soft skin.
- Thanks to its powerful antibacterial effect, it restores balance to acne-prone and seborrhoeic skin, improving basic pH parameters and hydration.
- Antioxidant, soothing and anti-inflammatory.
- Provides relief for rashes and re-establishes the integrity of the epidermis.

Sodium PCA, urea, trehalose, sodium hyaluronate.
Intense biotechnological skin nourishing complex that is four times more powerful when rehydrating the skin than hyaluronic acid. It prevents TEWL (transepidermal water loss) and restructures lipids, strengthening the skin barrier. Essential for skin integrity and vitality.

Vigna aconitifolia seed extract, maltodextrin.
Extracted from the legume plant Vigna aconitifolia, this protein extract is the botanical equivalent of retinol. It encourages keratinocyte turnover and stimulates fibroblasts to release growth factors, increasing new production of endogenous collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid for firmer, more plumped skin tissue.

Biotechnological propionic acid from vegetable fibres.
Prevents damage from exposure to UV rays, it reduces blemishes caused by photo-ageing and brightens dull-looking skin, for a spectacularly radiant complexion. Gentle daily exfoliation draws water from the connective tissue, greatly improving the skin matrix. After just a couple of days, the texture of the skin is transformed and even.
It does not cause light sensitivity, so can be used in the summer.

Our expert's Tip

In the evening, apply about 20 drops of MANDELIC ACID 7% to face, neck and neckline perfectly cleaned with CHRISSIE Cleansing Milk and Mineralizing Toner. Avoid the area around the eyes and lips. It is suggested the application of CHRISSIE Biofiller Lips).
Leave for about 2-4 minutes on skin. Rinse with cold water and pat with CHRISSIE Mineralizing Toner before applying the usual CHRISSIE Cream.
Daily application is suggested for four consecutive weeks.
For a complete skin renewal treatment, at every change of season repeat application of MANDELIC ACID 7% for one month, for a total of four times a year.
MANDELIC ACID 7% can be used also during summer, always applying CHRISSIE COCOA Face Sun Protection SPF 50.


Avoid sunlamps during treatment and the week after.
During first weeks of application skin may appear more dry, therefore it is recommended the use of CHRISSIE Dermohydrating Nourishing Elasticizing Cream after MANDELIC ACID 7%.
Do not apply to reddened or irritated skin and skin with abrasions.
If a slight tingling and redness persist, rinse with cold water.
AVOID contact with eyes and lips.
Do not use on children and keep out of their reach.

Hypoallergenic, clinically and dermatologically tested.
nickel tested - paraben free

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