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A long-lasting effect of immediate youth. Brightness and firmness for an always young face. It increases the immuno-protective self-defense abilities of the skin.


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It protects during the day against environmental stress and skin micro-inflammations, the main cause of skin aging. Effectively counteracts the formation of free radicals. Needle Free Lifting for a timeless youth.

Smart cosmesis

From CHRISSIE COSMETICS® research laboratories, the new biotechnological lifting anti-age concentrate is born, a smart treatment that really takes care of the skin’s needs. An innovative smart formulation with a light texture, it provides the skin the essential active ingredients that work where and when they are needed to protect and defend the skin from the visible signs of aging. Only after 48 hours the skin looks firmer, toned, bright and above all redensified.


It strengthens the immune system, remodels, firms, retunes the day-night circadian rhythms. During the night, the skin regenerates in comfort and it repairs itself from damages caused by daily stress and the action of free radicals. Colloidal gold, in the active ingredients, counteracts skin micro-inflammations, main cause of skin aging. The extracellular matrix is firmed and restructured, the collagen fibers are “straightened”. It stimulates the hyaluronic acid synthesis, strengthening the dermal-epidermal junction. The synergistic action of CHRISSIE® Needle Free Lifting treatment achieves results similar to hyaluronic acid injections. It acts deeply, it fights wrinkles and the multiple factors of skin aging. A new youth is given back to the fac.


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