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  • Foam
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    25,50 € In stock

    ILLUMINATING CLEANSING MAKE-UP REMOVER MOUSSENew Cleansing mousse formulated with 90.5% natural ingredients in Magnetised Water*. Removes all types of make-up including waterproof make-up from the face, eyes and lips, while protecting and soothing the skin.* Increases the bioavailability of the assets 150ml PAO 6M 90,5% NATURAL

  • Balancing Astringent Toner
    26,50 € In stock

    COMBINATION AND IMPURE SKINNew A TONER rich in soothing, anti-redness and sebum-normalising active ingredients. Ideal for restoring the skin’s natural balance and sebum production it reduces redness and has astringent properties. 150ml PAO 6M 97,8% NATURAL

  • Shaping Scrub
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    PERFECT SKINInnovative enzymatic technology has created this precious scrub with its silky cream and superior performance: “the key” to smooth, silky and radiant skin. 50ml PAO 6M 94,5% NATURAL

  • Salicylic Acid 2% Peeling Complex
    41,50 € In stock

    COMBINATION AND IMPURE SKINThis exfoliating peel deeply stimulates stratum corneum renewal mechanisms, leaving the skin smooth, firm and radiant. 30ml PAO 6M 87,3% NATURAL

  • Elixir Multi-vitamin
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    ANTIOXIDANT BRIGHTENINGThis hydrogel is rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, PP, and H, also known as youth vitamins, which brighten skin while combating ageing and free radicals. Its daily use oxigenates and revitalises skin and improves its appearance day after day. 30ml PAO 6M 95,4% NATURAL

  • Purifying Cream
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    SMOOTH SKINParticularly suitable for acne-prone, oily or impure skin. 50ml PAO 6M 90% NATURAL

  • Multiactive Cream - Mixed and...
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    Reduced price!

    FIRST WRINKLEFor impure and skin with collagen and propolis. It has a melt-in texture, it maintains the balance of the microbiome and makes the skin more supple. 50ml PAO 6M 97% NATURAL

  • Purifying Detox Mask
    49,50 € In stock

    COMBINATION AND IMPURE SKINThe PURIFYING DETOX MASK works deep down to eliminate impurities, excess sebum and dull, grey skin. 75ml PAO 6M 98,3% NATURAL

  • Instant Anti-Blemish
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    Formulated to deliver targeted results, the dual action INSTANT ANTI-BLEMISH treatment with salicylic acid and propolis simultaneously eliminates and purifies pimples, comedones and blackheads. 15ml PAO 6M 97% NATURAL

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items