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LPA Complex Treatment

Specifically formulated for tired, relaxed and atonic skin, it awakens all the dormant vital power of the stem cells that reside in the basal layer of the epidermis. Two avant-garde biotechnological complexes "speak" to skin cells with the extraordinary code of re-generation: FSC Tech System plant stem cells+LPA Complex, the biotechnological switch at the base of cell difference, awakens the vitality of skin metabolism, preserves collagen fibers to support the dermis. DNAge ω-3 and ω-6 Phyto Guardian, active mix on the hypoplastic effect gives elasticity, compactness and turgidity, protects the heart nucleus of the cell against free radicals. Repairs the skin and promotes intense, deep aged-reverse activity.

Hypoallergenic, clinically and dermatologically tested
nickel tested - paraben free

Collagene HY.EG.10

Formulated with a new generation of bioavailable marine collagen, strengthened by microspheres of cross-linked hyaluronic acid and perfectly integrated with the effects of the alpha hydroxy acids and green tormaline, this is a veritable “first aid kit” for a wide range of needs. With deep reconstructive, regenerative and moisturizing properties, it stimulates skin cell turnover and promotes the production of endogenous collagen, encouraging skin repair. An intense dermoplastic, firming and toning action prevents the formation of wrinkles and attenuates any existing ones.

Hypoallergenic, clinically and dermatologically tested
nickel tested - paraben free

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