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  • Mineralizing Toner
    (4,8/5) on 4 rating(s)
    25,50 € In stock

    FOR ALL SKIN TYPESInnovative biotechnological complex, completely alcohol-free and specifically formulated to prepare the skin for the functional active ingredients contained in the Chrissie treatments. 150ml PAO 6M 99% NATURAL

  • Shaping Scrub
    (5/5) on 2 rating(s)
    50,90 € In stock

    PERFECT SKINInnovative enzymatic technology has created this precious scrub with its silky cream and superior performance: “the key” to smooth, silky and radiant skin. 50ml PAO 6M 94,5% NATURAL

  • Purifying Cream
    (5/5) on 1 rating(s)
    60,50 € In stock

    SMOOTH SKINParticularly suitable for acne-prone, oily or impure skin. 50ml PAO 6M 90% NATURAL

  • Foam
    (5/5) on 11 rating(s)
    24,50 € In stock

    ILLUMINATING CLEANSING MAKE-UP REMOVER MOUSSENew Cleansing mousse formulated with 90.5% natural ingredients in Magnetised Water*. Removes all types of make-up including waterproof make-up from the face, eyes and lips, while protecting and soothing the skin.* Increases the bioavailability of the assets 150ml PAO 6M 90,5% NATURAL

  • Elixir Multi-vitamin
    (5/5) on 7 rating(s)
    54,90 € In stock

    ANTIOXIDANT BRIGHTENINGThis hydrogel is rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, PP, and H, also known as youth vitamins, which brighten skin while combating ageing and free radicals. Its daily use oxigenates and revitalises skin and improves its appearance day after day. 30ml PAO 6M 95,4% NATURAL

  • Multiactive Cream - Mixed and...
    (5/5) on 2 rating(s)
    59,50 € In stock

    FIRST WRINKLEFor impure and skin with collagen and propolis. It has a melt-in texture, it maintains the balance of the microbiome and makes the skin more supple. 50ml PAO 6M 97% NATURAL

  • Multiactive Cream - Normal and...
    (5/5) on 2 rating(s)
    59,50 € In stock

    FIRST WRINKLECream with a light consistency, it merges with the skin giving it hydration, elasticity and protection thanks to the active ingredients in its formula. Cappaprenols, hyaluronic acid, protein-sugar molecules, vitamins, amino acids, green algae-chlorella extract work to counteract the rise of the first wrinkles. 50ml PAO 6M 97% NATURAL

  • Hydra-Biome 24H - Intense Hydration
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    FIRST WRINKLEHydra-Biome 24H Intense hydration aims to preserve the balance of the microbiome by deeply hydrating the skin. 40ml PAO 6M 98,8% NATURAL

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items